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"How could such a collection that has no equal save in the libraries of entire nations and the Vatican have been assembled by one man?" France Culture, "Mad about books"

The permanent exhibition in just a few words:

The permanent exhibition retraces the history of civilization with a chronological presentation that covers some five thousand years since the discovery of writing, in contrast to the fossils displayed at the museum’s entrance that are some 170 million years old.

Through selected examples of papyri, manuscripts, incunabula, original editions and autographic documents, visitors can truly take the measure of these creations of the mind, which shaped humanity and so fascinated Martin Bodmer.

Not all of the Foundation’s contents can be exhibited in the permanent collection display, which has been remodeled twice since the museum’s opening, in 2008-2009 and 2011-2012. The audio guide text is designed around the configuration that was put in place in 2012. The display of the permanent collection is being revised and freshly installed throughout 2015.


For more of the story (in French):

Les origines de la civilisation | Hellas et Roma | La Bible et la Chrétienté
Moyen Age et Renaissance | Traditions orientales | Siècles classiques
Goethe, le siècle des Lumières | Sciences antiques et modernes
De l’Europe romantique | Aux temps modernes