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Legends of the Centuries



Looking through a Legendary Collection. Martin Bodmer Foundation


Text by Charles Méla, preface by Jean Starobinski


Written by the director of the Martin Bodmer Foundation, with the complicity of experts from every horizons, This book traces the life and work of Martin Bodmer and offers a glimpse into the collection, which traces the intellectual progress of humanity, as represented by some 150 pieces of exceptional quality and rarity. They represent the various domains of Power (History, Politics and Law), Knowledge and Faith (Philosophy, Sciences, Relegion) and Art (Poetry, Drama, Music, Novel, Fables and Tales, Children's Literature). Each caption attempts to answer this simple question: why does this work deserve to be regarded as one of the most beautiful or decisive of all human creations ?

Copiuosly illustrated, this book is edited in french and english at the same time.

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Legends of the Centuries