Michel Butor and artists’ books

Temporary exhibitionsMichel Butor and artists’ books

13.06.2015 – 09.10.2016

A living monument of contemporary French literature, Michel Butor has never ceased inventing new forms and bringing together different art media in dialogue. Here he weds his words to a range of artists’ materials, books, and colors, working by turns with painters, sculptors, and graphic artists to offer the public experiments in the published word that renew the form that books can take. Most of the featured items are the result of very limited print runs and have become true museum pieces.

The one hundred book/objects that Michel Butor has donated to the Martin Bodmer Foundation constitute a wonderful gallery of multiform assemblages, injecting into the museum still another variation on the innumerable metamorphoses of the written word. Intended as a homage to this great figure of the literary world, the show invites visitors on a colorful and poetic journey through creations that endlessly surprise and delight.





Curator: Jacques Berchtold   |   Exhibition design: Stasa Bibic

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