Guided tours

MuseumGuided tours

Two choices exist for your guided tour:

– Join alone or with others one of our scheduled exhibition tours.

You can find the upcoming dates here. The tours are included in the price of admission to the museum (except for the late-night openings the first Wednesday of each month, when entry to the museum is free as well).


– Schedule a private guided tour (for both temporary and permanent exhibitions), alone or as a group (friends, professional colleagues, school class), on the day of your choice and led by one of our guides.

Contact us at 

– Free for public school classes from the Canton of Geneva
– 150 CHF for private and public schools outside of the Canton

– 150 CHF weekdays (+10 CHF per person)
– 180 CHF weekends (+10 CHF per person)
– 500 CHF surcharge for all tours outside of the museum’s normal opening hours (+10 CHF per person)