Rates for digital reproductions

LibraryResearch and reproductionsRates for digital reproductions
Publication (TIF)
1-9 documents 30 CHF
10-49 documents 20 CHF
50 documents or more 10 CHF
Consultation (JPG)
1 document 1 CHF
Please note: a minimum of 20 CHF will be charged for any request
Scholarly publication free
Commercial publication 200 CHF
For all specific requests (publication cover, tie-in products, etc.), please contact info@fondationbodmer.ch
Open-access images
For all open-access images obtained from sites such as e-codices, the copyrights in force remain the same. Moreover, even in the case of scholarly publications, we request at a minimum that you provide one copy of the work/object for our records (or a URL/PDF link), and include the following acknowledgment, “The Martin Bodmer Foundation, Cologny (Geneva).”

Correspondance de Paul Valéry, à Martin Bodmer