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Our support for research in a few words:

As both an intellectual and a collector, Martin Bodmer saw research as something of major importance. In 1954, for example, he published the text of Homer’s Iliad contained on the very first papyrus he had acquired, providing access to documents in his collection in order to make the work of researchers that much easier. Carrying on in this tradition, each year the Foundation answers several hundred requests for information, reproductions, or permission to consult documents in its care. Such work often results in publications. The Foundation also encourages research through its own publications policy, be it facsimile editions and monographs, or the catalogues detailing its collections, along with the catalogues accompanying a range of exhibitions over the years. Lecture series and university conferences are also regularly held in the Foundation’s Salle Historique.

Please note: the Foundation is not able to provide financial assistance for research projects.

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Digital reproductions

Our technical staff and reproduction lab will be happy to assist you. Please address all your requests for reproductions to

For conservation reasons, it is no longer possible to consult our collection of papyri, which remains available on digital reproduction, in low and high definition.

To simplify the process, consult our price list here.