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The first works to be published in the Bibliotheca Bodmeriana appeared between 1947 and 1956, making clear the foundations of the Martin Bodmer collection. Meanwhile, from 1954 to 1969, 26 volumes in the Bodmer Papyri series were brought out. Unknown to the public up to that point, the texts of the papyri conserved in the Bodmer collections were often published with photographic reproductions of the manuscripts in their entirety. This initial series would only be completed after Martin Bodmer’s death.

Immediately after its creation, the foundation put much of its time and energy into elaborating the Catalogues (7 volumes) and Texts (7 volumes). In 2001 Prof. Martin Bircher, reviving this publishing tradition, proposed a new series entitled Corona nova. And under the aegis of the bibliophile Jean Bonna and Prof. Charles Méla, Sources was launched in 2004. Jointly published with Presses Universitaires de France, this latter imprint offers facsimile editions of extremely rare works – unpublished manuscripts and bibliophile treasures – with introductions by renowned specialists.

Finally, since the museum’s opening, exhibition catalogues have been co-published by publishing houses that specialize in the featured subjects.



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Du côté de chez Swann. Combray. Premières épreuves corrigées (1913). Coédition FMB et Gallimard. Fac-similé et transcription. Tirage numéroté.