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Association of the Friends of the Martin Bodmer Foundation

In 1987 the Association of the Friends of the Martin Bodmer Foundation was founded. Jean-François Chaponnière was named president of the association. The aim of the association has been to promote the Martin Bodmer Library and make the institution better known with the general public by putting together a program of talks and concerts. Another of the association’s goals has been to ensure support for the foundation through funds brought in by dues paid by association members. The library is indeed indebted to the Friends for certain acquisitions and the assistance the association was able to provide for a number of publications, as in the case of the review Corona nova.

From 1997 to 2003, Jean Bonna was president of the association. Françoise Bodmer took over from her predecessor in 2004 and has served in that capacity ever since. Talks, concerts, and presentations of rare items from the collection or recent acquisitions have been regular occurrences with the association’s annual meeting. Tours and trips have also been organized.

By becoming a regular member, a life-time member, or a member-benefactor of the Association of the Friends of the Martin Bodmer Foundation, you will enjoy a number of unique benefits while contributing to the development and spread of the foundation.


Benefactors of the Martin Bodmer Foundation

Since the opening of the museum, the foundation has been especially indebted to the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, which has granted the Bodmer generous assistance each year to mount a major temporary exhibition; and to Loterie romande, the Western Swiss lottery, whose funds on a number of occasions have gone to fill posts for digitizing manuscripts, for example, pay for the restauration of papyri, finance several publications, and subsidize exhibition design and communications associated with temporary shows. In its early years the foundation enjoyed the generous support of the Lombard Odier Group, a preferred partner. Bank Julius Baer has likewise proved a loyal partner for temporary exhibitions, and the Wegelin Bank was also generous in its assistance. Other institutions have periodically shown their support for specific projects, such as the Leenaards Foundation for a number of publications, and the Coromandel Foundation for acquisitions. The Neva Foundation proved instrumental in putting together two major exhibitions of Russian literature. The present list would be incomplete without mentioning institutions like the Jan Michalski Foundation or Totsa S.A., which have contributed to foundation projects. Finally regular subsidies from the public authorities of the Canton of Geneva and the local district of Cologny—subsidies that have been growing, moreover—have ensured over the years the long-term survival of the Martin Bodmer Foundation.