Wagner – opera in motion

Wagner – opera in motion

5 October 2013 – 23 February 2014

Wagner – opera in motion
Art and thought

For Wagner opera was more than a genre. It was a filter, a device through which the world appeared, a crystal reflecting the world – it was a perception of the world.

All his operas talk of redemption and he himself was convinced that art could save the world around him.

Opera in motion is opera that shifts from the stage to the concert hall and from the hall to the street. It is the story of art as a way of perceiving the world. For Wagner, art and thought went hand in hand. Not only was he constantly meditating on art and its role in society, but his works were inspired by a wide variety of thinking.

The exhibition, organized for the bicentenary of Wagner’s birth, highlights the extent and diversity of his thought. Wagner took the risk of engaging in great philosophical, political and religious debates with Bakunin, Feuerbach, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. In his operas he outlined an ideal society, either along the lines of the 1848 revolution, or with disturbing overtones of his German nationalist theories. The exhibition illustrates how Wagner’s works were an allegory (and still are) of Europe’s history.

The exhibition is organized as part of the Wagner Geneva Festival.

Scientific Curator : Christophe Imperiali

Art Curator : Elisabeth Macheret

With an original work of Beatrice Helg, created for the exhibition

and two works by the German artist Carolin Wehrmann